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After 30 years of writing and performing some of gospel's top charting songs such as, God ‘s Gotta A Blessing with your name on it, Jesus I Love You, Emmanuel, and Battlefield; Norman Hutchins returns with a new CD project titled, The Next Chapter.  The first featured single is, “Just In Time”.


Hutchins says, that the inspiration of this song came early one morning during his 5 AM weekly devotions… Hutchins says and I quote “ I was sitting at the piano early one morning while watching the sun come up over the golf course, and the Lord gave me a song to minister to the kingdom during this pandemic, so many families have been affected physically and economically, and this song is to remind us, that God’s silence is not his absence, and that he may not come when you want him, but he will show up, just in time.

Just in Time 3.jpg
Music Samples
Jesus I Love You
If You Didn't Know Now You Know
He Can Do It
We Honor You
I Worship You
I'm Still Alive
Just In Time


Rev. Norman Hutchins and the L.A. Praise Ensemble- Don't Stop Praying
Norman Hutchins
Norman Hutchins- JDI Christmas- Emmanuel
Norman Hutchins- Battlefield
Normank Hutchins- Nobody But You
Norman Hutchins- Where I Long to Be
Norman Hutchins- Spontaneous Praise
Norman Hutchins- God is Faithful
Norman Hutchins- If You Didnt Know
Norman Hutchins- Hosanna
Norman Hutchins- He Can Do It
Norman Hutchins- We Honor You
Norman Hutchins- I Worship You
Bishop Norman Hutchins- Im Still Alive
Norman Hutchins- Just in Time
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